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Employment Opportunities

V Works & Millwood believe in doing the right thing, helping the environment, and creating superior long lasting products.

V Works & Millwood’s motto: “Do it right, do it once, never do it again.”

  • V Works Mobile Mix Concrete
  • V Works Excavation & Trucking
  • Millwood Juniper Forestry & Sawmill

All companies work together in a synergistic and complimentary fashion. This helps keep all employees working throughout the year, especially during the winter months when construction typically slows, and improves efficiencies.

V Works companies:

  • Offer competitive hourly wages and salary positions
  • Good health, dental, and vision benefit package
  • Access to company corporate fitness center
  • Progressive, start-up company with great growth potential
  • Drug free, alcohol free, smoke free work place.

Please send your CV to