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V Works Mobile Mix Concrete

V Works Mobile Mix Concrete

  • V Works charges to the 1/8 yard
  • Customers only pay for the concrete used.
  • When the job is completed, the mixer turns off.  
  • No waste and no paying for unused concrete!  
  • If the customer needs more concrete, more concrete is mixed fresh on site

With competitor, drum trucks

  • Consumers typically need to order 10% more concrete than they need to make sure they do not run out in the middle of a pour.  This extra concrete is expensive and wasteful.
  • Running out of concrete can be catastrophic and very expensive.
  • With drum trucks, the customer pays for unused or extra concrete.
  • On average, customers save 10% of their yardage charge when ordering from V Works.

Often, customers need more concrete than planned.  If the pad had an estimated depth of 4 inches, but instead the excavation was uneven and was really 5 inches, then the customer could be short of concrete by up to 20%.  Customers do not want to pay a barrel truck to bring out another half yard, which could cost several hundred of dollars given the barrel trucks minimum short load fees. The delay may also result in a concrete cold joint.

With V Works Mobile Mix, the customer only pays for what they use. No worries about over or under ordering or paying short-load charges.

  • V Works Concrete is mixed fresh, on site, when you need it and not before.
  • This results in a reliable and reproducible product and minimizes the amount of water added to the concrete mix. Adding water decreases the water:cement ratio, the most important factor in determining the long term strength and durability of concrete.
  • A Ready-mix plant mixes concrete at a batch plant and then transports that concrete by truck in a rotating drum to the job site.  During transit, concrete curing starts.  The initiation of this curing, minimizes time available for finishing, and in some cases, requires the addition of extra water to maintain concrete with enough fluidity or slump for pouring. The addition of this extra water changes the water:cement ratio of the mix design, ultimately reducing the concrete strength.
  • With V Works Concrete, customers do not worry that their concrete is sitting in the drum truck too long, setting up, getting hot, or that the concrete properties are changing as all concrete is mixed fresh on-site.
  • From ¼ yard pours to 500 yard pours in a day. V Works can deliver.
  • V Works can use trucks as a batch plant, at the job site, to produce up to 60 cubic yards of concrete, per truck, per hour.
  • With a barrel truck, the properties of the concrete are changing as the concrete sits in the drum and spins.  With remote locations or jobs that require standby time, concrete can get hot and start setting up in the barrel truck.  This can be a very big problem.
  • With V Works Mobile Mix Concrete, the concrete is always mixed fresh on site, when you need it and not before.
  • At the end of the pour, V Works Mobile Mix Concrete truck just drives away.
  • If you use an alternative method, you may be disposing bags of cement, cleaning out a mixer, or trying to figure out what to do with the left over concrete dumped by the barrel truck on your property or job site.

V Works can pour a four-yard outdoor concrete patio with 4000-psi mix with air entertainment and then immediately pour a four-yard footing pour with no air and a 2500-psi mix with the same truck! This saves money and time.

  • Many concrete pours are on slopes.
  • V Works Concrete trucks have excellent control of the concrete slump on these slopes and V Works can adjust the slump of the concrete on site as needed.
  • A barrel truck delivers concrete with one moisture content and one slump that is not variable.
  • Customers can have their concrete wet or dry, 1,500 psi to 6,000 psi, with or without admixtures

If needed, V Works can deliver fresh concrete at night, on the weekends, or during the holiday.

  • V Works strives to have the best customer service, from office staff to drivers.
  • Give us a call for your next concrete job.
  • Support a local Central Oregon business.
  • V Works delivers quality concrete, at a fair price, with great customer service from a helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly team